Our Clients

Exceptional Service

funtec-logo“Fundamental Technologies has relied on Infotech for their exceptional service for over ten years. Infotech has a noteworthy manner of deciphering and clarifying issues. They have been consistently able to propose various suggestions and solutions that coordinate with our company’s requirements. Hardware installs and issues are always resolved promptly with minimal downtime. Should any potential clients require affirmation of Infotech’s service; I would have no hesitation in my recommendation.” –Len Power, Fundamental Technologies

Kept Our Systems Operational

“We have been with InfoTech Solution Providers since its conception. We have benefited with working with InfoTech for the fact that they have kept our system up to date and operational. InfoTech always treats any problems we might have seriously, and shows up in a timely manner to fix our problems. If they can do it over the phone, they will. If not, someone comes on site. We have never been left waiting when we need something fixed. They have a good knowledge of many different programs. We have never found that they are unable to help us. If need be, they will contact and talk to techs of the specific program. We have enjoyed working with Info Tech. Their service is always friendly, professional, and they do not try to over sell to us. They get us what we need. We would strongly recommend working with them.” –Joan Stark, HWD Construction

Honesty and Integrity

“I have been working with Trevor at InfoTech for over 20 years, and would recommend him to all. His service is exemplary, he answers questions promptly, and if he doesn’t know the answer, which is rare, he gets back to me in a timely fashion. He always gives options for problem solving, which is important to me. If he can’t answer my questions over the phone or fix my problems remotely, he has no problem coming to my office to fix any problem I may have. He is fair with his pricing on products and will tell you if a new system is necessary or if you can get away with a cost saving add on. If he can’t supply, he recommends where you can pick up for the most reasonable price. I just can’t say enough about his service, honesty and integrity and I look forward to continuing to work with InfoTech.” – Gina Wafler, Gina’s Business Service

InfoTech can save you money!

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